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Owned by Jim Corbett,

Visited by Dr. Salim Ali,

Now ready to

welcome you.

Every home has a story.
Ours features two leading names from the world of nature and conservation.

Originally constructed and owned by Jim Corbett’s family as a house to let out during the summer months, the property

changed hands in the 1950s when the Sahanpur family acquired it as their summer residence. Over the last six and a half decades and through three generations, Clifton has stayed in this family.


Birdwatchers will be interested to know that India’s leading ornithologist Dr. Salim Ali stayed at Clifton when he visited Kumaon in 1983. The bird life seen round the year at Clifton includes many noteworthy birds of the Himalayas like  Barbets, Jays, Minevets etc. Our proximity to the forest also translates to an occasional visit by a passing Leopard or a Barking Deer in winter.

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