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A heritage homestay in Nainital
Yet out of it.

A word of caution: Clifton is not the place if you're looking to stay on the mall or right next to the lake. We're at a higher altitude and a more serene and secluded location. Offering you a relatively unseen glimpse of Nainital.

Where the Whistling Schoolboy sings
for your morning cuppa.

Located on the fairly wooded slopes of Ayarpatta hill, it’s away from the chaotic tourist rush that now typifies this picturesque hill town. Clifton is an old world bungalow. In Nainital  terms it means a house with a sizeable compound that includes a garden and a tennis court.  Though the tennis court serves more as a cricket pitch and a badminton court nowadays, the fact remains that it is one of the few houses that still retains this feature.

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